Looking for something new to watch, but sick of all the mainstream stuff? I’ve curated a bunch of shows here which I’ve enjoyed over the years.

Some of these are foreign, non-English TV shows. Some of them you may definitely have heard of as cult classics. Some of them are just downright weird, which is the kind of stuff I like — I want stories to take risks, push boundaries, and do something new — I feel like I’ve seen every iteration of every mystery show that exists at this point.

I will do my best to explain why you…

Welcome to My Favourite Things! It’s pretty self-explanatory really. This time, podcasts!

Never listened to a podcast before? Oh my god, your life is about to get so much better. Chores are a lot less boring when you have something interesting to listen to, and I will literally go for walks or drives purely so that I can listen to the next episode of a podcast in peace.

How much do they cost, I hear you ask? Why, they’re free! …

This post is part two of a multi-part story. If you haven’t read the first part, start here. From here on out, the assumption is that you’ve read the story of my first visit to Sleep No More in 2016.

This one’s a similar length to my original post — maybe a bit longer — it should take around half an hour to read.

  • Part I: Maximilian’s Guests
  • Part II: The Green Beast
  • Part III: The Bald Witch
  • Part IV: Distractions
  • Part V: Doppelgäng-bar
  • Part VI: Invader
  • Part VII: The Raven
  • Part VIII: Elizabeth
  • Part IX: The Rave
  • Part X…

Update: This is the first part of a two-part story. Once you’ve read this one, part two is here.

Ever since I got back from my trip to New York the most common question has always been “what was the best part?”

I can say, without any shred of doubt, that the best part of my trip was my — for lack of a better word — “experience” at Sleep No More.

For starters, I can’t even begin to categorise what Sleep No More actually is. …

So on Thursday night I left work reasonably late - past midnight - and I offered a coworker of mine a lift home, as he lives more or less on the way.

It’s around one in the morning, and I drop him off at his house and head back to get onto the road home. As I’m nearing a traffic light it turns yellow, so I pull up at the intersection.

I’m there for maybe 3 seconds when I notice a guy crossing the intersection and I think to myself, “man, that guy is really close to my car, I…


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